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DiscoverX®, an innovative biotechnology company, develops, manufactures, and commercializes reagents, complete assay kits, and turn-key solutions for the drug discovery, screening, and life science markets. Our products, biochemical and cell-based assays, enable customers to improve research productivity and effectiveness, thus accelerating the discovery and development of new drugs.

Proven Technology Platforms

Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) technology, established in diagnostics, is enhanced to provide solutions to drug discovery research. Our EFC-based HitHunter® cAMP assays are the market leader in GPCR screening applications while the PathHunter® platform, is a comprehensive system enabling live cell-based assays. Our InCELL Hunter™ assay platform, which utilizes a new method for measuring compound binding to a target of interest in a native cellular environment, can be applied to any intractable target.

KINOMEscan℠ , a proven competitive binding assay platform, has been successfully adapted to provide selectivity and specificity of compounds against kinases  (via KINOMEscan) and bromodomain reader proteins (via BROMOscan).

Through our core HitHunter®, PathHunter®, InCELL Hunter™, KINOMEscan℠ and BROMOscanscan℠ technologies, DiscoverX offers assay solutions for every major class of drug target, including GPCRs, kinases, proteases, nuclear hormone receptors, transcription factors, and epigenetic family of proteins.

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Enzyme Fragment Complementation Platform

EFC offers the means to interrogate biomolecular reactions for advancing therapeutic drug and screening programs.  A robust, reliable assay technology, EFC is used for both HitHunter® biochemical and PathHunter® cell based assay formats.

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Competition/Active-site Binding Platform

DiscoverX's growing porfolio of proprietary active-site/ligand binding technology affords investigators the ability to leverage a comprehensive array of services against multiple target classes and maximixe the value of novel and chemistry assets through all stages of drug discovery.

Fluorescence Intensity Platform

A robust, reliable, and sensitive fluorometric technology platform to determine various intracellular analytes, such as calcium and ADP. Our fluorometric assays are homogenous, HTS-adaptable, cost-effective biochemical assays designed for precise, highly sensitive detection of specific analytes.

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