NF-κB Signaling Pathway

Nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) belongs to a family of transcription factors that play pivotal roles in inflammatory responses and immunological reactions. NFκB pathway can be activated by a variety of stimuli, including TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor α), interleukin 1 (IL-1), T and B cell mitogens, bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and viral proteins. DiscoveRx offers a simple one-step IκB degradation and NFκB translocation assay to study NFκB pathway. These fully optimized, target-validated cell lines provide you convenience, relevant hits and guaranteed performance for screening, profiling or research applications.

eXpress Kits

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93-0907E1CP0M PathHunter® eXpress HEK 293 RELA Nuclear Translocation Assay 200 dp (2 x 96-well) $1998.00
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93-0538E1CP7M PathHunter® eXpress HEK 293 IκB Degradation Assay 200 dp (2 x 96-well) $1998.00
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—Features and Benefits

  • Short compound incubation times (30-60 minutes); reduce toxicity & false positives
  • Direct, non-reporter gene, functional Assay
  • Monitor degradation of IκB
  • Whole cell, HTS friendly chemiluminescent assay
  • Transcription independent assay
  • Increased specificity
  • Available in multiple backgrounds


  •  Screen inhibitors for:  TNFα signaling, IκB  kinases

—Assay Principle

DiscoveRx offers PathHunter® IkB functional assays in which IkB (Inhibitor of κB)is tagged with small ProLabel peptide. The assay measures human IκB degradation in response to activation of the NFkB pathway. In the presence of TNFα or other compounds, cells signal through downstream  IκB proteins. IκB protein is degraded in response to compound stimulation. The PathHunter® IκB Functional Assay is used with the PathHunter® PK/PL Detection Kit (93-0180).

PathHunter® IκB Degradation Assay


Cell Lines

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93-0994C3 PathHunter® U2OS RANK-IκB Functional Assay 2 vials $19995.00
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93-0907C1 PathHunter® HEK 293 RELA-IκB Nuclear Translocation Cell Line 2 vials $19995.00
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93-0538C3 PathHunter® U2OS IκB Degradation Cell Line 2 vials $19995.00
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93-0538C15 PathHunter® A549 IκB Degradation Cell Line 2 vials $19995.00
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93-0538C14 PathHunter® THP-1 IκB Degradation Cell Line 2 vials $19995.00
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93-0538C1 PathHunter® HEK 293 IκB Degradation Cell Line 2 vials $19995.00
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