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Epigenetics Targets

Biochemical and Cell-based Binding Assays for Novel Epigenetic Targets

The field of epigenetic research has enormous potential to progress therapy in oncology and the wider disease spectrum. Epigenetic processes include histone modifications, DNA methylation, and chromatin remodeling and are affected by various environmental and genetic factors, contributing to disease progression. These epigenetic proteins, categorized as readers, writers, and erasers are being targeted aggressively for novel drug development. DiscoverX offers a comprehensive solution of biochemical and cell-based assays to identify small molecule inhibitors and modifiers of DNA methyltransferases, bromodomains and other emerging epigenetic targets.

Learn more about the updated Cell Culture and Handling Procedure in the new Technical Bulletin.

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Cell Lines

DiscoverX offers a portfolio of stable, pre-validated cell lines for epigenetic studies.
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Assay Ready Kits

InCELL Hunter™ eXpress assays are complete, ready-to-use kits that include all the cells and reagents to determine compound binding in live cells. Free yourself from lengthy cell culture and expensive instrumentation.
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Biochemical Assays

Study compound binding to epigenetic targets and quantify compound EC50s using our HitHunter Pulse assays.  Measure interactions quantitatively and reliably between test compounds and bromodomain targets with BROMOscan™, our robust suite of novel, proprietary bromodomain-directed competitive binding assays.
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Cell Culture Kits, Reagents & Consumables

Performance you can trust! Get the highest quality data from your cell-based Epigenetics assays in combination with our lab-certified cell culture media, tissue culture reagents, and plates.

Ligands and Inhibitors

Designed to target a specific epigenetic target, our purified reference ligands and inhibitors are a convenient and cost-effective way to validate any stable cell lines for epigenetic targets or assay-ready kit.

Detection Reagents

Get optimal assay performance using certified chemiluminescent or fluorescent InCELL Hunter™ Detection Reagents that have been validated for use in both 96-well and 384-well microplate formats.