Bulk Cell Scale Up & Kit Packaging

DiscoverX offers a convenient bulk cell scale up option with the purchase of any PathHunter® or cAMPHunter™ clone.  Package sizes range from 100 million to 10 billion cells. Cells are functionally tested for optimal assay performance and are confirmed to be Mycoplasma-free. Combine frozen, assay-ready bulk cells with PathHunter® certified Reagents and Control Ligands to expedite your screening campaigns and ensure optimal and reproducible results every time.

Rapidly growing use of cells for high-throughput screening (HTS) has posed a number of challenges including batch performance variation, cell production scheduling, capability and capacity management.
DiscoverX offers the solution – a convenient scale up service for any PathHunter®, cAMP Hunter™ or InCELL Hunter™ cell line. We provide single batches of cells in custom package sizes ranging from 50 million to 10 billion cells, quantities sufficient for complete screening campaigns, effectively decoupling cell production from screening. These cells undergo the same rigorous testing as our portfolio products, i.e., they are functionally tested to ensure optimal performance and stability, and are guaranteed to be Mycoplasma free.
Ensure speed and success in your screening campaign through the use of our single batch cell production service.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Single batch production, removing batch performance variance
  • On demand, custom scale production up to 10 billion cells
  • Top quality cells, validated for optimal performance
  • No additional resources required