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Videos Pharmacotrafficking Assays

Learn about PathHunter pharmacotrafficking assays to identify small molecule compounds that rescue disease relevant mutant membrane proteins like GPCRs, ion…

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Videos GPCR Assays Overview

Short Overview of Eurofins DiscoverX GPCR assays. 5 min.

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Videos Accelerating Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery with MOA-Reflective, Functional Cell-Based Assays

Listen to the US PEGS 2023 conference talk by Venkatesh Chari, Ph.D. on MOA-reflective, functional cell-based assays (cell lines and…

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Videos Cell Banking for Bioassays

Learn how to confidently de-risk your biologics’ lot-release strategy by establishing a dedicated analytical cell banks for your bioassay. Find…

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