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Presentations [PEGS 2024] Fast-tracking Checkpoint Antibody Development with MOA-Reflective Assays for Cancer & Autoimmune Therapeutics

Checkpoint blockade antibodies are established cancer therapeutics. However, in recent years, agonistic antibodies have emerged as therapeutics not only for…

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Presentations Ion Channel Drug Discovery Webinar – Recent Advances in Novel Non-opioid Pain research

In this webinar, Eurofins DiscoverX and Latigo Therapeutics come together to present recent advances in ion channel drug discovery focusing…

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Presentations Advancing Therapeutics Targeting Cytokines with Functional Cell-based Assays

Jennifer Lin-Jones, Ph.D., Associate Director of Assay Development R&D Department, Eurofins DiscoverX

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Presentations [PEGS 2023] Accelerating Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery with MOA-Reflective, Functional Cell-Based Assays

Venkatesh Chari, Ph.D. Scientific Market Development Manager Eurofins DiscoverX Products LLC

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Presentations [WCB 2020] Accelerate Your COVID-19 Drug Discovery with Qualified Cell-Based Assays for Proinflammatory Cytokines

Gaurav Agrawal, Ph.D. Scientific Development Manager, Eurofins DiscoverX

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