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Retroviruses & Cloning Vectors

DiscoverX offers retroviruses and cloning vectors for making your own stable cell lines in any dividing cell line to take advantage of our proprietary Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) detection technology.

KILR® Retroparticles

The KILR Retroparticles provide a potent vehicle for the stable delivery of the KILR reporter construct into almost any dividing cell line, enabling the creation of highly accurate and sensitive cytotoxicity assays in the cell line expressing the target of your choice.

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PathHunter® β-Arrestin Retroparticles

The PathHunter β-Arrestin Retroparticles along with a pCMV-ProLink cloning vector provides the ability to create β-Arrestin cell-lines and cell-based assays in any cell type ideal for studying β-arrestin-protein binding interactions (e.g. with protein kinases) and GPCR β-arrestin recruitment events.

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ProLink™ and ProLabel® Cloning Vectors

pCMV Mammalian cloning vectors are intended for cloning your protein of interest (e.g. membrane protein or intracellular protein) with ProLink or ProLabel, as an N- or C-terminal tag, and subsequently transfecting into a parental cell line expressing an EA-tagged reporter protein. Expression vectors are also available upon request for most of our cell lines.  These include a plasmid with a ProLink or ProLabel sequence and the specific protein corresponding to the target in our DiscoverX cell lines.


Utilize available retroviruses and pCMV vectors to make your own stable cell lines and assays.

Catalog No. Description Configuration
97-0002 KILR Retroparticles for Suspension Cells (G418) Retroviral Particles
97-0003 KILR Retroparticles for Adherent Cells (G418) Retroviral Particles
97-0004 KILR Retroparticles for Adherent & Suspension Cells (G418) Retroviral Particles
93-1087 PathHunter β-Arrestin2 Retroparticles Retroviral Particles
93-0491 pCMV-ProLink Cloning Vector Bundle (4-Pack) Cloning Vector Pack
93-0167 pCMV-ProLink 1 Vector Cloning Vector
93-0171 pCMV-ProLink 2 Vector Cloning Vector
93-0489 pCMV-ARMS1-ProLink 2 Vector Cloning Vector
93-0490 pCMV-ARMS2-ProLink 2 Vector Cloning Vector
93-1109 ProLabel Cloning Vector Bundle (2-Pack) Cloning Vector Pack
93-0009 pCMV ProLabel N Vector Cloning Vector
93-0012 pCMV ProLabel C Vector Cloning Vector