Detection Reagents

DiscoverX offers detection reagents with both chemiluminescent and fluorescent readouts to suit the diverse needs of your drug discovery programs. DiscoverX’s chemiluminescent detection is based on the proprietary Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) technology, while the fluorescent detection is based on an activated fluorescent dyes. These detection reagents are optimized for a variety of applications such as detecting cell-based protein-protein interactions, compound-protein binding, translocation, and second messenger assays.

DiscoverX’s detection reagents are designed for DiscoverX cell lines including cAMP Hunter™, InCELL Hunter™ or PathHunter® cell lines, InCELL assays, and ProLabel®/ProLink™ (PL/PK) expression or cloning vectors inside whole cells.

Product Highlights

  • Sensitive detection and reproducible results providing robust assays you can rely on

  • Easy, one-step addition protocols ideal for multiple basic research and drug discovery applications

  • Scalable from 96- to 346-well formats compatible with high-throughput screening or miniaturization

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Chemiluminescent Detection Products

Product Cat No. Compatible Cell Lines
PathHunter Detection Kit 93-0001 Series PathHunter β-Arrestin
PathHunter Internalization
PathHunter Pharmacotrafficking
PathHunter Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
PathHunter Cytosolic Tyrosine Kinase
PathHunter Pathway
PathHunter Nuclear Hormone
PathHunter Parentals
PathHunter Flash Detection Kit 93-0247 Series PathHunter Dimerization
PathHunter Pharmacotrafficking
HitHunter® cAMP Assay for Biologics 90-0075LM Series cAMP Hunter Gs-/Gi-Coupled Cell Line
HitHunter cAMP Assay for Small Molecules 90-0075SM Series
KILR® Detection Kit 97-0001 Series KILR Target Cell Lines/Pools
PathHunter Bioassay Detection Kit 93-0933 Series PathHunter Bioassay
PathHunter Bioassay ED Detection Kit 93-1043 Series
InCELL Detection Kit 96-0079 Series InCELL Hunter Cell Lines
HitHunter cGMP Assay 90-0039 Series

PathHunter NPR1 Functional Assay


Detection Kits for Functional Confirmation of EFC Component Expression

Product Cat No. Intended Use
EFC BlocDetect™ Kit 92-0004 Detect false positive results by identifying compounds that inhibit β-galactosidase complementation or β-galactosidase activity
ProLink Detection Kit 92-0006 Series Detect ProLink-tagged protein in parental cells expressing ProLink Vectors
PathHunter ProLabel Detection Kit 93-0180 Series Detect ProLabel-tagged protein in parental cells expressing ProLabel Vectors
PathHunter EA Detection Kit 93-0183 Series Detect large protein fragment of β-galactosidase (Enzyme Acceptor, EA) in parental cells expressing EA such as ENDO-EA, MEM-EA, NUC-EA, β-arrestin EA, and SH2-EA
PathHunter PL/PK Detection Kit 93-0812 Series

For functional confirmation of EFC components with PathHunter Pathway cell lines


Fluorescence Detection Products

Product Cat No. Intended Use
HitHunter Calcium No WashPLUS Assay 90-0091 Series Monitor GPCR and ion channel activation using Native Calcium Gq-Coupled Cell Lines
Coelenterazine h 90-0084
ADP Hunter™ Plus 90-0083 Series Detect kinase activity by monitoring ATP depletion
ADP Quest™ 90-0071 Series Kinase and inhibitor characterization for kinetic or endpoint analysis