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Cellular Kinase Assays and Purified Kinases for Drug Discovery Screening and Lead Optimization

Eurofins DiscoverX offers a variety of kinase products with complete human kinome coverage so you can always find a solution for your kinase target. Take advantage of PathHunter® functional assays to study your compound and kinase activation for multiple receptor tyrosine kinases.  Perform kinases activity assays utilizing 100s of available recombinant kinases. Confirm compound cell entry and measure target binding using InCELL target engagement assays. When used alone or in combination, these robust assays and recombinant kinases can be used at all stages of drug discovery and are ideal for identifying highly potent and selective kinase inhibitors.

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InCELL Cell-Based Assays

Universal Compound-Target Engagement Cell-Based Assays

InCELL Hunter™ and InCELL Pulse™ cellular compound-target engagement assays provide the ability to create your own assays for intracellular kinases as well as confirm compound cell entry, target binding, screen inhibitors, measure cellular EC50 values, and rank compounds – all in the native cellular environment.

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Robust, Cellular Functional Receptor Kinase Assays

PathHunter® Cell-Based Assays for RTKs and CTKs

Fully optimized, target-validated cell-based kinase assays allow you to study kinase activation, dimerization, receptor internalization, SH2-recruitment, and screen for novel kinase inhibitors of both receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) and cytosolic tryosine kinase (CTK). Our growing panel of tyrosine kinase assays are available as cell lines, assay ready kits, build-your-own assay tools, or services.

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Quantitative Assays for Receptor Dimer Formation

PathHunter Cell-Based RTK Dimerization Assays

Ligand-induced receptor dimerization is the first step following receptor activation and the most proximal and reliable indicator of receptor activation. These assays enable you to measure these interactions on a cell surface and they are ideal for lead identification, quality control, and development of neutralizing antibody (NAb) assays for a variety of biologics, including bi-specific antibodies.

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Rapidly Create Tyrosine Kinase and Translocation Assays Using Engineered Cells

PathHunter Parental Cell Lines

Utilize engineered PathHunter parental cells to quickly develop SH2-protein recruitment or translocation cell-based assays after introducing your receptor kinase of interest. These cell lines provide the ability to analyze receptor kinase activity and SH2-recruitment or investigate trafficking of your receptor kinase to the plasma membrane or endosome.

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Purified Recombinant Proteins to Evaluate Your Assays

Recombinant Kinase and Phosphatase Enzymes

Choose from over 480 active, inactive, unactivated, and disease-relevant mutant kinases and phosphatases.  Kinases cover the human kinome and include AKT, Erk, Met, EGFR, Raf, PI3 Kinases, mTOR, ATM, ATR, and many more within the multiple kinase families.

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Simple Fluorescent Assay for Kinase Profiling and Screening

ADP Accumulation Assay

ADP Accumulation Assays are generic, antibody-free, homogeneous assays that detect kinase activity by monitoring ATP depletion. Reliably measure phosphotransferase-mediated production of ADP, which provides a positive signal that increases in direct proportion to ADP accumulation.

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Custom Assay Development Services

Do not see the kinase product you need? Consider our custom assay development services to generate a cell-based assay, cell line, or recombinant protein to help you with your research. Learn More


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