KILR Effector Cells

Driving Robust and Reproducible ADCC and T Cell Redirection

PBMC effector cells have inherent donor variability, reducing their consistency and reproducibility in lot release assays. Antibody- Dependent Cell Cytotoxicity (ADCC) assays that measure cell death often have low signal to background ratios and suffer from this donor variability of the PBMCs. The KILR® CD16 Effector Cells are single donor-derived human primary cells to measure target cell death using ADCC and bi-specific antibody-mediated T Cell Redirection (TCR) assays for screening, characterization, and QC lot release of antibody drugs. These effector cells ensure assay reproducibility with higher signal-to-background ratios, without worrying about donor variability.


KILR CD16 Effector Cells are single donor-derived human primary effector cells, which are engineered for stable CD16 expression. When used in any ADCC assay, these effector cells produce very low background, resulting in robust assay windows, making these cells well-suited for discovery, characterization, and lot release assays.

KILR CD16 Effector Cells Advantages

  • Eliminate Donor Variability - Primary effector cells from a single donor
  • Fit for Long-Term QC Testing - High lot-to-lot reproducibility with frozen ready-to-use cells
  • Measure Target Cell Death - Biologically relevant measure of ADCC and TCR

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KILR Effector Cells
Product Configuration Cat. No.
KILR® CD16 Effector Cells 1 Vial 97-0007-01
KILR® CD16 Effector Cells 5 Vials 97-0007-05

KILR Cell Lines and Cell Pools
Product Configuration Cat. No.
KILR® ARH-77 Cell Line Stable Cell Lines 97-1001C017
KILR® SKBR3 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1002P018
KILR® H322 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1003P020
KILR® NCI-N87 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1004P021
KILR® A549 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1005P015
KILR® Ramos Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1006P022
KILR® SKOV3 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1007P023
KILR® NCI-H292 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1008P024
KILR® Daudi Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1009P025
KILR® U2OS-EGFR Cell Line Stable Cell Lines 97-1010C003
KILR® THP-1 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1011P014
KILR® Raji Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1012P026
KILR® WIL2-S Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1013P027
KILR® MCF7 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1014P028
KILR® MOLT-4 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1015P029
KILR® SK-MEL-28 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1017P031
KILR® U118-MG Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1018P032
KILR® EL4 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1019P033
KILR® Jurkat Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1020P019
KILR® A498 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1021P034
KILR® MDA-MB-231 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1023P036
KILR® Hut78 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1024P037
KILR® T2 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1025P038
KILR® RPMI 8226 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1026P039
KILR® CCRF-CEM Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1027P040
KILR® 4T1 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1028P041
KILR® U2OS-PD-L1 Cell Line Stable Cell Lines 97-1029C003
KILR® K562 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1030P042
KILR® HT-1080 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1031P043
KILR® HepG2 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1032P044
KILR® SK-MEL-5 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1033P030
KILR® COLO-205 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1034P045
KILR® U2OS PD-L2 Cell Line Stable Cell Lines 97-1036C003
KILR® Jurkat PD-1 Cell Line Stable Cell Lines 97-1037C019
KILR® Jurkat LAG3 Cell Line Stable Cell Lines 97-1038C019
KILR® HL-60 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1039P046
KILR® HCT-116 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1040P047
KILR® BT-474 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1042P049
KILR® DU-145 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1043P050
KILR® PANC-1 Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1044P051
KILR® MM-1R Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1045P052
KILR® Jurkat TIM3 Cell Line Stable Cell Lines 97-1046C019
KILR® SR Cell Pool Cell Pool 97-1047P053

KILR Retroparticles
Product Configuration Cat. No.
KILR® Retroparticles for Adherent & Suspension Cells (G418) 2 Vials x 0.5 mL (adherent cells), 2 Vials x 0.5 mL (suspension cells) 97-0004
KILR® Retroparticles for Suspension Cells (G418) 4 Vials x 1.0 mL 97-0002
KILR® Retroparticles for Adherent Cells (G418) 4 Vials x 0.5 mL 97-0003
KILR® Retroparticles for Adherent Cells (Hygromycin B) 4 Vials x 0.5 mL 97-0005
KILR® Retroparticles for Suspension Cells (Hygromycin B) 4 Vials x 1.0 mL 97-0006
KILR® Retroparticles for Suspension & Adherent Cells (Hygromycin B) 2 Vials x 0.5 mL (adherent cells), 2 Vials x 0.5 mL (suspension cells) 97-0008


KILR CD16 Effector Cells are added to the plated target cells expressing the receptor antigen, which have been engineered to stably express a housekeeping protein that is tagged with enhanced ProLabel® (ePL), a smaller β-galactosidase (β-gal) enzyme fragment using the KILR Retroparticles. When the stable target cell line is used in a cytotoxicity assay, and its membrane is compromised due to cell death, the cells will release the tagged reporter protein into the media. The assay can then detect this reporter protein by the addition of detection reagents containing the larger enzyme acceptor (EA) fragment of the β-gal enzyme. This leads to the formation of the active β-gal enzyme, which hydrolyzes the substrate to give a chemiluminescent output, detected on any bench top luminescence reader.




In healthy cells (left image) with immune effector cells, chemiluminescence is not detected as the reporter protein does not leak out through an intact cell membrane into the media. Alternatively, in cancer cells that are killed by the KILR CD16 Effector Cells, chemiluminescence can be detected directly since cells release the reporter protein into the media and this chemiluminescent signal is proportional to the number of dead cells. Death of any other cell type, including the KILR CD16 Effector Cells present within the co-culture will not affect the assay output, giving the KILR Cytotoxicity assay an unparalleled specificity to detect target cell death within a co-culture system.

KILR Cytotoxicity Assays Have Broad Applications in:



Higher Signal:Background Ratios Deliver Better Accuracy and Linear Range


The KILR CD16 Effector Cells provide a significantly larger assay window in comparison to PBMCs. A killing- resistant HER2+ cell line, SKOV-3 was opsonized with trastuzumab and incubated with the effector cells for 3 hours. A 16-fold larger assay window was observed relative to PBMCs in this SKOV-3 cell model. These effector cells have much lower background with higher S:B ratios, resulting in better analysis of the antibody activity.


Obtain Highly ADCC Reproducibility Using KILR CD16 Effector Cells



High repeatability of ADDC using KILR Raji bioassay target cells. Dose response of the anti-CD20 antibody rituximab was evaluated by a single analyst on 3 different days using KILR CD16 Effector Cells (E:T = 10:1). Each day represents an independent vial of the target bioassay cells.