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Immuno-Oncology Products and Services

Accelerate Cancer Immunotherapy Drugs with Fast and Clinically Relevant Assays

DiscoverX offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that enable fast, effective, and clinically relevant understanding of immuno-oncology targets, pathways and mechanisms, enabling quicker development of immuno-oncology drugs. Learn how you can rapidly screen and develop antibodies targeting checkpoint receptors, bi-specific antibodies, small molecules, or cellular therapies such as chimeric antigen receptor T-cells (CAR-T).

Enabling Development of Cancer Immunotherapy Drugs

From Discovery to Combination Therapies

Developing drugs that target immune checkpoint receptors presents us with challenges starting from the identification of the best lead molecule to the in vitro testing of appropriate drug combinations before putting them into patients. DiscoverX uses a variety of target-, phenotypic- and pathway-based approaches to enable you to make better cancer immunotherapies, faster.

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Model Complexity of Tumor Microenvironments

BioMAP Oncology Systems

The BioMAP Oncology Systems model the complexity of different tumor microenvironments (TME) by combining primary human stromal or vascular cells with immune cells and human tumor cell lines to mimic interactions and signaling pathways that occur during tumorigenesis.  Use Oncology Panels to gain insight into TME specific mechanism of action, efficacy and safety-related effects of test agents.

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Maximize Immunotherapies by Identifying Synergistic Combinations

Evaluate the Effect of Drug Combinations with BioMAP

The BioMAP Combo ELECT service allows statistical evaluation of drug combinations to determine additive or antagonistic differences between drug agents in a nominated disease model of interest. Each agent is analyzed individually, and then statistically compared against a combination array of the two serially diluted agents.  Use Combo ELECT to inform on the optimal dosing, potential synergy, or adverse effects of different drug pairings.

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Specifically Measure Target Cell Death in Co-Cultures with No Donor Variability

KILR® Cytotoxicity Assays

The KILR Cytotoxicity assay is an easy-to-use, non-radioactive and dye-free method to specifically and sensitively measure target cell death in a co-culture with immune effector cells. Use this assay to detect cancer cell death for applications like ADCC, CDC, ADCP, T-cell redirection and CAR-T. Single donor-derived KILR CD16 Effector Cells deliver large assay windows and are compatible with any ADCC assay to measure target cell death.

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Easily Screen & Optimize Drugs Targeting Checkpoint Receptors

Assays for Co-Stimulatory and Co-Inhibitory Receptors

The PathHunter® Checkpoint assays enable screening, lead optimization, and potency assay development of small molecule and biologic drugs. These biologically relevant cell-based assays do not require any primary tissues, have an easy-to-use protocol, and provide a highly sensitive response in less than 5 hours. Save months of assay development time with the industry’s largest menu of checkpoint receptor cell-based assays.

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Define Off-Target Biology Effects, Outside the Tumor Microenvironment

BioMAP Diversity PLUS

Test agents across a broad range of human tissue biology with Diversity PLUS, which is used to inform on the potency, selectivity, safety, mechanism of action, and disease indication of a test agent.

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Accelerate Drugs Targeting Interleukin Receptors

Functional Assays for over 85% of Human Interleukins

The PathHunter Interleukin Assays offer a comprehensive portfolio of cell-based assays to enable the study and targeting of human interleukin proteins and their receptors. The assays are highly specific, with an easy-to-use protocol, rapid results, high matrix tolerance, and high reproducibility. They have broad usage in functional screening, characterization, QC lot release assays, and neutralizing antibody studies.

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