Accelerate Your Drug Discovery and Development Programs with Confidence

Assays, Cells, and Reagents: From Discovery to QC Lot Release, Small and Large Molecules, Ready and Optimized Products


Developing therapeutics, small molecule or biologics, presents unique challenges at each development phase. They require the knowledge, experience, and a broad range of assays and reagents to understand the structure, activity, and mechanism of action of the therapeutic. Eurofins DiscoverX provides a broad portfolio of stable cell lines, validated functional and binding assays, complete ready-to-use kits, and optimized reagents with these qualities developed and manufactured to support your drug discovery journey every step of the way.

At Eurofins DiscoverX, we are committed to enabling and accelerating your multi-modality drug discovery and development programs from discovery to QC lot release. DiscoverX provides product solutions from the broadest and most comprehensive collections of established biochemical and cell-based assays, cell lines, and reagents and custom assay development services. Discover for yourself how Eurofins DiscoverX enables you to accelerate your drugs development. Progress forward, confidently.

  • Enabling Technologies and Robust Assays - Improve productivity and effectiveness of your target validation, screening, lead optimization, and structure-activity relationships campaigns to accelerate the advancement of new therapeutics
  • Comprehensive Portfolio - Largest available portfolio of cell-based functional and binding assays, cell lines, and enzymes covering the top therapeutic target classes including Checkpoints, Cytokine Receptors, GPCRs, Kinases, and Ion Channels
  • Support Every Step of the Way - End-to-end support for your programs from Discovery to QC lot release

The Eurofins DiscoverX portfolio of high-quality products and custom assays enables you to expedite your research, and move your candidate through the drug discovery pipeline faster.

Supporting Drug Discovery and Development Programs from Discovery to QC Lot Release