How It Works - Assay Ready eXpress® Kit Assay Principle

Assay Ready eXpress kits are complete, out of the box functional cell-based assay solutions, which offer both convenience and value. Each kit includes pre-validated engineered cells, reagents, buffers and plates to ensure robust and reliable performance every time. By eliminating lengthy, time-consuming and expensive cell culture, PathHunter eXpress kits enable you to to generate accurate, precise and reproducible data in just hours without the need for time consuming tissue culture or cell line scale up!

Assay Work Flow

The two complementing fragments of the β-galactosidase enzyme are fused to two partner proteins that are known to interact. Once the two partner proteins interact it forces complementation of the two β-galactosidase enzyme fragments.  The resulting functional enzyme hydrolyzes substrate to generate a chemiluminescent signal.


Kit Components

• Assay-ready, frozen PathHunter® eXpress cells
• Optimized Cell Plating Medium
• PathHunter® Detection Reagents
• Positive Control ligand
• 96-well Tissue Culture Treated Plates
• V-bottom compound dilution plate