How It Works - Assay Ready eXplorer® Kit Assay Principle

PathHunter® GPCR Explorer kits are a simple and easy-to-use method for building on-demand functional GPCR assays.  Whether you have a panel of mutant GPCR cDNAs, a favorite ortholog GPCR or a GPCR heterodimer you’d like to functionally test, the simple, optimized transfection protocol combined with PathHunter® EFC-based chemiluminescent detection makes it the ideal platform for exploring novel GPCR receptor biology.

Assay Work Flow

Plate your PathHunter® GPCR Explorer CHO-K1 cells in the provided 96-well plates and transfect your ProLink-tagged vector. The convenient, ready-to-assay format combined with a simple, optimized transient transfection protocol and chemiluminescent detection lets you quickly and easily generate high quality, proof-of-concept.

Build your own GPCR assays using the fast and simple PathHunter® GPCR Explorer protocol.

Kit Components

  • PathHunter GPCR Explorer CHO-K1 cells
  • PathHunter Detection Reagents
  • Cell Plating Reagent
  • Control pCMV-PK2 vector & ligand