TAO2, active

N-terminal 6His-tagged recombinant, TAO2. TAO2 is a mitogen-activated protein Kinase kinase kinase (MAP3K) that doubly phosphorylates and activates the MAP Kinase kinases (MAP2Ks) MEK3 and MEK6.

Catalog #: 14-736


Biological Information
Background Information:
TAOK2 (TAO Kinase 2) is a serine/threonine protein kinase that is involved in many different processes, including, cell signaling, microtubule organization and stability, and apoptosis. TAO2 is involved in different processes such as membrane blebbing and apoptotic bodies formation DNA damage response and MAPK14/p38 MAPK stress-activated MAPK cascade. In response to DNA damage, TAO2 is involved in the G2/M transition DNA damage checkpoint by activating the p38/MAPK14 stress-activated MAPK cascade, probably by mediating phosphorylation of upstream MAP2K3 and MAP2K6 kinases. GenBank NM_016151
Target Class:
Accession Number:
NM_004783.2; NM_016151.2
Target Name:
Target Aliases:
TAOK2, TAO1, TAO2, PSK, PSK1, MAP3K17, KIAA0881, hKFC-C, PSK-1
Target Species:
Product Type:
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
6 months at -70°C
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