ProLink™ Detection Kit

The ProLink™ Detection Kit is an EFC detection kit for use with Eurofins DiscoverX cells expressing PL but not EA. This kit contains all components required to assay 2 plates (384-well).

Catalog #: 92-0006 Size: 800 dp (384-well)


Biological Information
Background Information:
The ProLink™ Detection Kit is a detection kit intended for use with Eurofins DiscoverX's PathHunter® cells overexpressing ProLink (ED) but not containing any EA. This kit contains lysis buffer, exogenous EA, and EFC substrate to allow for detection of levels of ED in the assayed cells. This kit contains all components required to assay 2 plates (384-well).
Product Type:
Detection Kits
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
Upon arrival, store reagents at –20°C then see user manual for details.
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70-272 92-0006 ProLink Detection Kit REV7 User Manual

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