PathHunter® U2OS mFcgRIIb Clustering Cell Line

The PathHunter® U2OS mFcgRIIb Clustering Cell Line is used to determine cross-linking based potency increases of agonist antibodies. This cell line ships as two vials of cryopreserved cells. Mouse version.

Catalog #: 93-1139C3 Size: 2 vials


Biological Information
Background Information:
The Path Hunter mFcyRIIb clustering cell line is a stable, engineered cell line designed to increase signal produced from a Checkpoint Cell Line via antibody-mediated crosslinking of the receptors. This product is a companion product used to determine cross-linking based increases in potency of agonist antibodies. The cell line included overexpresses mFcyRIIb Fcg receptor. When co-cultured with a Checkpoint Cell Line in the presence of agonist antibody, the Fcg receptor binds to the antibody, inducing receptor clustering. The induced receptor clustering leads to increased activation and downstream signaling, leading to increased EFC signal production. This stable modified cell line is provided as two vials of cryopreserved cells. Please note that this product expresses the Mouse version of this protein.
Target Class:
Checkpoint Receptor
IgSF (Immunoglobulin Fc Receptor )
Accession Number:
Target Name:
Target Aliases:
Fc fragment of IgG receptor IIb
Target Species:
Cell Background:
Product Type:
Stable Cell Lines
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
Short term (24 h): Store in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.
Usage Disclaimer:
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Assay Information
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Clinical Relevance
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User Manuals & Protocols

70-394 PathHunter Checkpoint Signaling Assay-IgSF REV3 User Manual

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