PathHunter® eXpress GPR132 CHO-K1 β-Arrestin Orphan GPCR Assay

The PathHunter® eXpress GPR132 CHO-K1 β-Arrestin Orphan GPCR Assay measures GPR132 (GPCR) activity via recruitment of β-Arrestin 2. eXpress kits contain all assay materials: cells, reagents, and plates.

Catalog #: 93-0411E2ACP1L


Biological Information
Background Information:
The PathHunter® GPR132 eXpress kit provides an easy-to-use cell based assay to study drug candidates (small molecules or biologics) targeting GPCRs. This kit assesses ligand based activation of GPR132 GPCR activity via detection of β-arrestin recruitment. This product uses EFC technology. The cells included overexpress PK-tagged GPR132 and EA-tagged β-Arrestin-2. Activation of GPR132 stimulates the recruitment of β-Arrestin-2 and produces EFC signal. eXpress kits are a convenient, ready-to-use format which contains all materials needed to run the assay, including single-use vials of cryopreserved cells, cell plating media, detection reagent, and assay plates. Orphan receptor with unknown ligand.
Target Class:
Class A Orphan
Accession Number:
Target Name:
Target Aliases:
G-protein coupled receptor 132, G2A
Target Species:
Cell Background:
Product Type:
eXpress Assay Kits
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
Store in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.
Usage Disclaimer:
Ready-to-use eXpress assay kits are intended for in vitro research purposes only. These kits are not suitable for lot release applications. Refer to the ready-to-use bioassay kit format for potency testing in lot release for biologic therapeutics. These products may be covered by issued US and/or foreign patents, patent applications and subject to a Limited Use Label License. Please visit for a list of products that are governed by limited use label license terms and relevant patent and trademark information.
Assay Information
Assay Type:
β-Arrestin isoform:
Assay Measures:
β-Arrestin Recruitment
Detection Method:
Additional Information

User Manuals & Protocols

70-255 PathHunter B Arrestin eXpress GPCR Assay REV4 User Manual

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93-0411E2Ax Datasheet

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