MSSK1, active

N-terminal 6His-tagged recombinant, human full length MSSK1.

Catalog #: 14-665


Biological Information
Background Information:
MSSK1, also known as SRPK3 (SRSF Protein Kinase 3), is a protein coding gene. This gene encodes a protein kinase similar to a protein kinase which is specific for the SR (serine/arginine-rich domain) family of splicing factors. A highly similar protein has been shown to play a role in muscle development in mice. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. GenBank NM_014370. The recombinant protein contains an insertion of 33 amino acid residues after G348 of the amino acid sequence shown below (equivalent to G318 of the native protein sequence). This conflict is reported in GenBank BX282601 and CD106669.
Target Class:
Accession Number:
Target Name:
Target Aliases:
SRPK3, STK23, MSSK-1, MGC102944, MSSK1
Target Species:
Product Type:
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
6 months at -70°C
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