MAP Kinase 1/Erk1, active

N-terminal GST-tagged recombinant, human full length MAP Kinase 1/Erk1.

Catalog #: 14-439


Biological Information
Background Information:
ERK1 (extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase) is one of the isoforms of MAP kinase. This 42 kD serine/threonine kinase is activated by dual phosphorylation on tyrosine and threonine residues. Phosphorylation of both residues by the upstream activator MEK is essential not only for ERK1 activation but also for translocation of the ERK1 to the nucleus. Following this activation, ERK1 phosphorylates a large number of regulatory proteins and this directly controls key cellular processes such as transcription, translation and cytoskeletal rearrangement. An inhibitor assay may be of benefit for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders or asthma. GenBank XM_055766
Target Class:
Ser/Thr Kinase; MAPK; ERK subfamily
Accession Number:
NM_002745.4; NM_138957.2
Target Name:
Erk 1 (MAPK3) )
Target Aliases:
MAPK1, p40, PRKM2, MAPK2, PRKM1, p42-MAPK, p38, p41, ERK, ERK-2, ERT1, P42MAPK, p41mapk, ERK2
Target Species:
Product Type:
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
1 year at -20°C
Usage Disclaimer:
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