ChemiScreen™ OT Oxytocin Receptor Stable Cell Line

The ChemiScreen™ OT Oxytocin Receptor Stable Cell Line measures OXTR (GPCR) activation via an increase in intracellular calcium. This cell line ships as two vials of cryopreserved cells.

Catalog #: HTS090C Size: 2 vials
Biological Information
Background Information:
The ChemiScreen™ OT Oxytocin Receptor Stable Cell Line is an engineered cell line for use in studying drug candidates (small molecules or biologics) targeting GPCRs. This cell line enables assessment of ligand (e.g. oxytocin) based activation of OXTR GPCR activity via detection of increasing levels of intracellular calcium. The included cell line overexpresses OXTR alongside endogenous high levels of the promiscuous G protein, Gα15, coupling the receptor to the calcium signaling pathway. Upon activation of OXTR , the resulting calcium activity can be fluorescently assayed. This stable modified cell line is provided as two vials of cryopreserved cells.
Target Class:
Vasopressin & Oxytocin Receptors
Accession Number:
Target Name:
Target Aliases:
OXTR, OT, Vasopressin & Oxytocin
Target Species:
Product Type:
Stable Cell Lines
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
Store in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.
Usage Disclaimer:
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Assay Information
Assay Measures:
Calcium Flux
Detection Method:
Additional Information

User Manuals & Protocols

70-427 ChemiSCREEN and ChemiBRITE Cell Lines User Manual REV1

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HTS090C Datasheet

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