Bromosporine is an inhibitor for bromodomain-containing proteins including BRD9. This product is provided as 10 mg of dry powder.

Catalog #: 92-1239 Size: 10 mg


Biological Information
Background Information:
Bromosporine is a synthetic small molecule pan-bromodomain inhibitor developed by the Structural Genomics Consortium for research. It is shown to accelerate FRAP recovery of BRD4 and CREBBP in cells at 1uM concentration. Bromodomains are implicated in multiple cellular processes, including inflammatory gene expression, mitosis, and viral/host interaction. Provided as 10 mg of dry powder.
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Product Type:
Control Ligands & Inhibitors
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
Store at 2-8°C. Please avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
Usage Disclaimer:
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