Anti-mCD80 Monoclonal Antibody

The monoclonal antibody recognizes mouse CD80, a ~55 kDa cell surface glycoprotein. CD80 (also known as B7-1, B7, and BB1) is expressed on monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells in mice.

Catalog #: 92-1360 Size: 100 µg


Biological Information
Background Information:
CD80 is a costimulatory molecule known for its role in T-cell activation and also in regulating the activity of normal and malignant B cells. Surface CD80 is expressed transiently on activated B cells, macrophages, and DCs. Surprisingly, CD80 is downregulated on most of the cancer cells, and the loss of CD80 alone is sufficient to allow them to escape the attack of the immune system and to impart anergy and apoptosis in tumor-infiltrating T cells.
IgSF (immune inhibitory Receptor ligand)
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Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
4°C. Please avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
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