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Simple, non-radioactive, & dye-free cytotoxicity assays to specifically measure target cell death

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Detection Kits

Kit & reagents for sensitive quantification of biologics or small molecules to provide accurate pharmacology & reproducible results

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Epigenetic Protein

Recombinant proteins & cell-based assays to identify small molecule inhibitors & modifiers of methyltransferases & bromodomains

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eXpress Assay Kits

Ready-to-use kits for early discovery phases for screening, proof-of-concept, MOA confirmation, or rank-ordering studies

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Cell-based assays to measure 2nd messengers (cAMP & calcium), β-arrestin recruitment, receptor internalization, & ligand binding for GPCR targets-based drug…

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Ion Channel

High-quality ion channel cell lines for target discovery, hit screening, lead optimization, & safety studies

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