Review the on-demand to learn about recently published research toward the advancement of non-opioid analgesics targeting the Nav1.8 ion channel, a validated pain target primarily found in peripheral nociceptors.

About Webinar: Ion Channels

Ion channels represent a key target class for therapeutic development in numerous diseases including epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, movement disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, renal disorders and pain. The opioid epidemic highlights the urgent need for new non-addictive analgesics for the treatment of pain disorders. The voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.8 is a genetically- and pharmacologically-validated pain target in humans that is involved in transmitting pain signals in the peripheral nervous system.

In this webinar, Latigo Therapeutics will highlight their recently published work on the pharmacology, interaction site, and mechanism of action (MOA) of a potent and selective inhibitor of Nav1.8. The inhibitor LTGO-33 maps to a distinct site on a voltage-sensor domain and acts with a novel mechanism of action to stabilize the channel in the closed state.

This demonstrates the suitability of Eurofins DiscoverX Nav1.8 cell lines for drug discovery in pain research. In conclusion, we will briefly introduce Eurofins DiscoverX’s large portfolio of ion channel cell lines, emphasizing those for pain and addiction research, the cardiac safety panel, and the new CiPA cardiac safety guidelines from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn about new research investigating non-opioid therapeutics against Nav1.8
  • Discover the pharmacology, MOA, and binding site of Latigo compound LTGO-33 on Nav1.8
  • Review electrophysiological data demonstrating the high quality and suitability of Eurofins DiscoverX’s ion channel cell lines for drug discovery and cardiac safety studies.
  • Learn more about the CiPA cardiac safety guidelines mandated by the FDA