Cytokines play a crucial role in immune responses and have become important drug targets for treating inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Over the past decade, numerous cytokine-based clinical and preclinical trials have emerged, resulting in several approved drugs such as Humira® (targets TNFα), Dupixent® (targets IL-4 and IL-13), Stelara® (targets IL-12 and IL-23), Tremfya® (targets IL-23), and Actemra® (targets IL-6). Advances in understanding of the diverse cytokine signaling pathways and receptor combinations have improved knowledge of cytokine functions. However, developing therapeutics targeting complex cytokine pathways remains challenging, necessitating specific tools. Eurofins DiscoverX® offers a range of cell-based assays designed for implementation from discovery to development and into the clinical release of cytokine therapeutics targeting several conditions, including inflammatory and autoimmune diseases