Functional, Cell-based Assays for Analyzing Cytokine Signaling

As key mediators of immune responses, cytokines have emerged as major drug targets for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. A significant number of cytokine-based clinical and preclinical development trials have surfaced in the last decade, with many approved drugs targeting inflammatory cytokines such as Humira® (TNFα), Dupixent® (IL-4 & IL-13), Stelara® (p40 of IL-12 and IL-23), Tremfya® (IL-23), and Actemra® (IL-6),* while several others are under development.

Advances in elucidating diverse cytokine signaling pathways mediated by different receptor combinations and a range of targets have provided a greater understanding of cytokine functions and signaling. Yet, the characterization of candidate therapeutics involved in complex cytokine signaling pathways presents challenges and requires unique and specific tools. Eurofins DiscoverX® has a wide array of cell-based assays designed to measure signaling from various targets with a primary focus on accelerating discovery and development times for cytokine therapeutics for a number of conditions including inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.