March 6, 8am PT / 11am ET / 3pm GMT

Watch this webinar to discover functional cell-based assays for characterizing novel therapeutics & biosimilars targeting cytokines in inflammation & oncology.

About Webinar

Therapeutics targeting inflammatory cytokines that produce Th17- or Th2- (helper T cells) mediated immune responses have demonstrated significant clinical impact in multiple diseases, including psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, asthma, & atopic dermatitis. Several important agents inhibiting Th17 immune responses, including approved drugs such as risankizumab & guselkumab, target IL-23, while others, like secukinumab, target IL-17. In the Th2 pathway, the anti-IL-4/IL-13 antibody dupilumab has been successfully employed for the treatment of asthma & atopic dermatitis, with many other indications still under evaluation. Eurofins DiscoverX® has established a portfolio of cell-based assays to aid in the characterization of therapeutics targeting these important cytokines utilizing the PathHunter® enzyme fragment complementation technology.

In this webinar, our experts share case studies on the use of cell-based assays that monitor receptor dimerization or pathway activation (e.g. transcriptional reporters) targeting IL-23, IL-12, IL-17, & IL-4/IL-13 for a variety of applications, including rank ordering of antibodies, evaluating antibody specificity, as well as detection of anti-drug neutralizing antibodies.

Also detailed will be data demonstrating the suitability of these assays for determining relative potency to support lot-release applications during manufacture & drug product release. Plus new assays targeting emerging therapeutic targets for inflammation, such as IL-7 & TSLP, will be highlighted.

Key Learning Points:

  • Review key cytokines involved in inflammatory diseases & examples of clinically successful marketed therapeutics targeting these cytokines
  • Examine case studies highlighting application of various cell-based assay formats to assess mechanism of action of antibodies targeting existing & emerging cytokine targets in inflammatory disease
  • Understand optimal assay formats for assessing antibody specificity vs. successful detection of neutralizing antibodies in cell-based assays
  • Learn about the breadth of PathHunter cytokine assays available for characterization of novel therapeutics & biosimilars targeting cytokines in inflammation & oncology