NDR2, active

active NDR2. N-terminal GST-tagged and C-terminal 6His-tagged, recombinant, human NDR2 amino acids 83-end.

Catalog #: 16-028


Biological Information
Background Information:
NDR2 is a member of the N-myc downregulated gene family which belongs to the alpha/beta hydrolase superfamily. The protein encoded by this gene is a cytoplasmic protein that may play a role in neurite outgrowth. This gene may be involved in glioblastoma carcinogenesis. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Aug 2017]
Target Class:
Accession Number:
GenBank NM_015000.4
Target Name:
Target Aliases:
NDRG Family Member 2, N-Myc Downstream-Regulated Gene 2 Protein, N-Myc Downstream Regulator 2, NDR1-Related Protein NDR2, Cytoplasmic Protein Ndr1, Syld709613 Protein, Protein Syld709613
Target Species:
Product Type:
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
1 year at -70°C
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