KILR® Daudi ADCP Bioassay Kit

KILR Daudi ADCP Bioassay kit provides a highly sensitive robust functional cell based assay to study drug potency and neutralizing antibodies. The bioassay kit contains all the materials needed for a complete assay including cryopreserved cells have been manufactured for single-use to provide a convenient ready-to-assay format. Optimized for a 96-well format.

Catalog #: 97-1009Y025-00177 Size: 10-Plate


Biological Information
Background Information:
ADCP is the mechanism by which antibody-opsonized target cells activate the FcγRs on the surface of macrophages to induce phagocytosis, resulting in internalization and degradation of the target cell through phagosome acidification. In the KILR Daudi ADCP Bioassay, ready-to-use KILR Daudi target cells expressing the antigens of interest are co-incubated with macrophages and an opsonizing therapeutic antibody for 24 hours. In this assay, KILR Daudi target cells endogenously expressing the desired antigen (e.g. CD19, CD20 or CD38) were engineered to stably express a housekeeping protein that is tagged with enhanced ProLabel® (ePL), a β-gal reporter fragment. These KILR Daudi target cells will be phagocytosed by macrophages during the process of ADCP. The remaining target cells in the co-culture are lysed in the presence of PathHunter® PL/PK Detection reagent kit which includes the EA fragment of β-gal enzyme, and enzyme substrate, resulting in complementation of any remaining KILR reporter protein in which produces a functional β-galactosidase enzyme, which generates a chemiluminescent signal that can be detected on any benchtop luminescence reader.
Target Name:
CD19, CD20, CD38
Target Species:
Cell Background:
Product Type:
Bioassay Kits
Potency, Commercial Release & Stability
Kit Components:
Storage Conditions:
Short term (24 h): Store in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.
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70-442 KILR Daudi ADCP Bioassay Kit User Manual REV0

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