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pCMV-ProLabel® C Vector

DiscoverX cell-based assays feature the powerful in vivo application of the established Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) technology. In this approach, two complementing fragments; the small enzyme donor (ED) fragment and a larger enzyme acceptor (EA) fragment of the β-galactosidase (β-gal) enzyme are stably expressed as protein fusions in transfected cell lines. When ED binds to EA, complementation (EFC) occurs and β-gal activity is reconstituted and measured by substrate conversion to a luminescent product. The pCMV-ProLabel® and pCMV-ProLink™ mammalian cloning vectors are intended for mammalian cell expression of a GPCR or other protein of interest as a fusion protein with an ED [ProLabel (PL) or ProLink (PK)] tag. The resulting ED-tagged protein, upon interacting with an EA-tagged protein (most typically co-expressed in a EA-parental cell line), gives rise to EFC. Different ProLink and ProLabel tags have different affinities for the EA protein (and in the case of ARM-Scontaining vectors, different affinities for Arrestin) and their selection and usage are described in detail in the pCMVProLabel and pCMV-ProLink Mammalian Cloning Vectors User Manual.

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93-0012 1 Vector $659.00

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pCMV-ProLabel® C Vector
1 vial, 10µg in 20µL
pCMV-ProLabel® C Vector
Compound Type
Ships frozen on dry ice. Store at –20°C until use.
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  • [User Manual] ProLabel® and ProLink™ Mammalian Cloning Vectors

    pCMV Mammalian cloning vectors are intended for cloning your protein of interest (e.g. membrane protein or intracellular protein) with ePL, PK1 or PK2, as a N- or C-terminal tag, and subsequently transfecting into a parental cell line expressing an EA-tagged reporter protein (Note: in some assay formats the cells only express an ED protein and the EA protein is...

    [User Manual] ProLabel® and ProLink™
Mammalian Cloning Vectors