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Recombinant Human Relaxin-1

Relaxin-1 is an endocrine and autocrine/paracrine protein hormone structurally similar to insulin, and is expressed in decidua, placenta, and prostate. Produced in the ovary, and acts largely on the reproductive system, ripening the cervix, elongating the pubic symphysis, and inhibiting uterine contraction. May have a role in enhancing sperm motility, regulating blood pressure, controlling heart rate, and releasing oxytocin and vasopressin.

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Recombinant Human Relaxin-1
Compound Type
Cells were plated in a 384-well plate and incubated overnight at 37°C/5% CO₂ to allow the cells to attach and grow. Cells were then stimulated with a control agonist, using the assay conditions described below. Following stimulation, signal was detected using the HitHunter cAMP Assay Detection Kit according to the recommended protocol.