[D-Tyr6, β-Ala11, Phe13, Nle14]-Bombesin(6-14)

[D - Tyr6, ß - Ala11, Phe13, Nle14] - Bombesin (6-14) is a 9 amino acid active fragment of the neuropeptide Bombesin, and is a potent agonist of the orphan bombesin receptor subtype 3 (hBRS-3). Also an agonist of the G-protein-coupled receptors BBR1, BBR2, and BBR3. Bombesin biological effects include hunger control, stimulation of gastrin release from G-cells, hormone release, stimulation of pancreatic enzyme secretion, inhibition of gastric emptying, and modulation of gastric acid secretion.

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[D-Tyr6, β-Ala11, Phe13, Nle14]-Bombesin(6-14)
Compound Type
≤ -20◦C
The above data is a representative example from a Eurofins DiscoverX cell-based assay that uses this ligand.