Cortistatin 14, Human

Cortistatin 14 is a neuropeptide expressed in inhibitory neurons of the cerebral cortex. Depresses neuronal activity, and induces slow-wave sleep, likely through antagonism of acetylcholine. It is structurally and functionally similar to somatostatin 14. Competes with somatostatin 14 for binding of somatostatin receptors (IC50s=5, 0.09, 0.3, 0.2, and 0.3nM for receptors sst1-5, respectively).

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Cortistatin 14, Human
Compound Type
≤ -20◦C
Cells were plated in a 96-well plate and stimulated with a control agonist, using the assay conditions described below. Following stimulation, signal was detected according to the recommended protocol.