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Anti-PD1 Antibody [NAT105]

Anti-PD1 Antibody [NAT105] is a mouse monoclonal antibody that detects PD1 (programmed cell death 1) protein (also known as CD279).  The antibody inhibits the inhibitory receptor PD1, potentiates antitumor T-cell response in tumor cells, and prevents PD1 anti-apoptotic activity through inhibition of T-cell anti-tumor activity.

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Anti-PD1 Antibody [NAT105]
Compound Type
Mouse mAb
Signaling assay cells were seeded in a 96-well plate and then pre-incubated with a control antibody, followed by co-incubation with the ligand cell line using the assay conditions described below. Following stimulation, signal was detected using the PathHunter Detection Kit according to the recommended protocol.