A-61603 hydrobromide

A 61603 is a synthetic small molecule and potent agonist of the G protein-coupled alpha 1A receptor (α1A), at least 35-fold selective vs α1B or α1D. More potent stimulant of phosphoinositide hydrolysis than norepinephrine, and inhibited by prazosin. Key role in modulation of the sympathetic nervous system, and increases spontaneous calcium transients more potently than phenylephrine. May be implicated in diseases such as hypertension.

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92-1230 10 mg $428.00

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A-61603 hydrobromide
Compound Type
2-8°C Please avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
The above data is a representative example from a Eurofins DiscoverX cell-based assay that uses this ligand.