PrecisION® Recombinant hERG Potassium Ion Channel Membrane Preparation

The human ether-a-go-go related gene (hERG) is a potassium ion channel which is essential for normal cardiac repolarization. In drug screening models, the hERG K+ channel has been indicated to inhibit a wide variety of compounds, and its blockage can lead to cardiac QT interval prolongation and life threatening arrhythmias (Murphy et al. 2006). Cardiac safety relating to IKr K+ channels has become a major concern of regulatory agencies, as hERG channel inhibition has been identified as the firmest link to QT prolongation (Chiu et al. 2004).

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CYL4039 1 Vial $899.00

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Product Description
hERG membrane preparations are crude membrane preparations made from our HEK 293 stable recombinant cell lines (Cat. # CYL3039), which is an ideal HTS tool for screening antagonists against the hERG channel. The membrane preparations exhibit a Kd of 3.9 nM for [3H]-Astemizole. With 10 mg/well hERG Membrane Prep and 3.0 nM [3H]-Astemizole, a greater than 4-fold signal-to-background ratio was obtained.
Radioligand binding; Competitive binding.
Potassium, Voltage-Gated
Accession Number
Host Cell Type
HEK 293
1 Vial, 1 mL at 2 mg/ml. 200 Units.
On receipt of material store at -80°C. Unopened reagent is stable for a minimum of 6 months from date of shipment when stored at recommended storage temperature. Avoid repeat freeze/thaw cycles.