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PathHunter® U2OS CD137 Signaling Assay

Co-stimulatory checkpoint receptor signaling assays measure activation of a member of the TNFR family of receptors, which activates the non-canonical NF-kB pathway through NF-kB inducing kinase (NIK). The cell line is engineered to express NIK labeled with enzyme donor (ED). NIK protein levels inside the cell are tightly maintained at low levels by the proteasome, and increase in response to pathway activation. Addition of exogenous Enzyme Acceptor (EA) forces complementation of the ED and EA enzyme fragments resulting in the formation of a functional β-gal enzyme that hydrolyzes substrate to generate a chemiluminescent signal. The assays may rely on either endogenous receptors or exogenously expressed target receptors.

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93-1089C3 Clone $35597.00

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93-0812 PathHunter® PL/PK Detection kit 4,000 dp (384-well) $4140.00
92-3103G AssayComplete™ Cell Culture Kit-103 Kit $339.00
93-0563R0A AssayComplete™ Cell Plating 0 Reagent 100 mL $299.00

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92-1321 Recombinant Human 4-1BB-L 25 µg $540.00
92-0013 384-well Clear bottom TC Treated, Sterile WCB, FB w/ LID 10 plates/pk $179.00
92-0015 384-well White bottom TC Treated, Sterile w/ LID 10 plates/pk $179.00
92-0009 AssayComplete™ Cell Detachment Reagent 50 mL $89.00
92-0011 Green V-Bottom PP Ligand Dilution Plates 10 plates/pk $69.00