InCELL Hunter™ U2OS Bcl2L1-Bim Protein Binding Cell Line

InCELL Hunter™ assay detects degradation of a partner protein that is ordinarily stabilized by its natural interaction with the target protein. The cell lines are engineered to co-express an untagged target protein, and an Enzyme Donor (ED) tagged partner protein. Either protein may be full length or truncated. Addition of inhibitors disrupting the interaction of the two proteins results in degradation of the ED-tagged protein. Addition of exogenous Enzyme Acceptor (EA), and buffer, lyses the cell and forces complementation of the ED and EA enzyme fragments. This results in the formation of a functional enzyme that hydrolyzes substrate to generate a chemiluminescent signal.

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96-0037C3 2 vials $10295.00

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96-0079 InCELL Detection Kit 216 mL (16 plates), 1,600/6,400 dp (96-well/384-well) $3791.00
92-3103G AssayComplete™ Cell Culture Kit-103 Kit $339.00
92-5103FR AssayComplete™ Freezing Reagent F3 2 x 50 mL $288.00
93-0563R16A AssayComplete™ Cell Plating 16 Reagent 100 mL $288.00
92-4103TR AssayComplete™ Thawing Reagent T3 100 mL $236.00
92-0030 AssayComplete™ G418 20 mL $133.00
92-0009 AssayComplete™ Cell Detachment Reagent 50 mL $92.00
92-0028 AssayComplete™ Puromycin 1 mL $72.00