PathHunter® U2OS ADRB2(W158A) ENDO-EA Pharmacotrafficking Assay

PathHunter® Pharmacotrafficking cell lines are engineered to co-express a ProLink™ (PK)-tagged transmembrane protein retained in the ER (due to protein misfolding), and an Enzyme Acceptor (EA) tag localized to the endosomes. Binding of a chemical pharmacochaperone to the misfolded, PK-tagged protein stabilizes the protein in a conformation that enables itstrafficking through the Golgi, then onward to the cell membrane. Protein re-localized to the cell membrane subsequently internalizes (either passively or actively) into EA-tagged endosomes, forcing complementation of the two β-galactosidase enzyme fragments (EA and PK). The resulting functional enzyme hydrolyzes substrate to generate a chemiluminescent signal.

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  • [User Manual] PathHunter® Pharmacotrafficking Assays

    PathHunter Pharmacotrafficking cell lines are based on the enzymatic fragment complementation technology. The cells are expressed as a ProLink™ (PK)-tagged mutant transmembrane protein that is retained in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) d...

    [User Manual] PathHunter® Pharmacotrafficking Assays

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93-0001 PathHunter® Detection Kit 75 mL (10 plates), 1,000/4,000 dp (96-well/384-well) $2,857.00
92-3103G AssayComplete™ Cell Culture Kit-103 Kit $389.00
92-5103FR AssayComplete™ Freezing Reagent F3 2 x 50 mL $334.00
93-0563R5A AssayComplete™ Cell Plating 5 Reagent 100 mL $334.00
92-4103TR AssayComplete™ Thawing Reagent T3 100 mL $249.00
92-0029 AssayComplete™ Hygromycin B 20 mL $227.00
92-0030 AssayComplete™ G418 20 mL $227.00
92-0009 AssayComplete™ Cell Detachment Reagent 50 mL $114.00