ChemiBrite™ HEK293 Parental Stable Cell Line with Gqs

ChemiBrite cells express a novel variant of clytin, a calcium-activated photoprotein, to enable sensitive luminescent detection of ligand-induced calcium flux. The ChemiBrite version of clytin contains a mutation that increases its affinity for calcium to a level that permits detection of cytosolic calcium in many cells with greater sensitivity than other photoproteins targeted to the mitochondria. Luminescent calcium assays offer several advantages over fluorescent calcium assays including increased sensitivity and lack of interference from fluorescent compounds. Cloned HEK Parental ChemiBrite cells were made by stable transfection of HEK293 cells with optimized quantities of plasmid encoding a novel variant of clytin and human Gαqs chimera. This photoprotein stability-tested cell line is ideal for recombinant expression in luminescent analysis of agonists, antagonists and modulators at the target protein, as well as cAMP assays.

Catalog No. Size Price Quantity
HTSHEK-2L 2 Vials $32,479.00

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Calcium Flux Assay, cAMP Accumulation
Host Cell Type
HEK 293
2 Vials of mycoplasma-free cells, 1 ml per vial
Cell vials are to be stored in the vapor phase of liquid N2.