ChemiScreen™ ETA Endothelin Receptor Stable Cell Line

The endothelin family of peptides are potent vasoconstrictors synthesized by endothelial cells in both constitutive and inducible pathways. The biological actions of endothelins are mediated by two GPCRs, ETA and ETB. ETA is the predominant receptor on smooth muscle cells and thus is the primary mediator of the vasoconstrictor activity of endothelins in vivo. Endothelin receptors are also found in the epithelium and central nervous system (Davenport, 2002). Cloned human ETA receptor-expressing ChemiScreen cells were constructed by stable transfection of Chem-1 cells with ETA. These stability-tested cells are ready for fluorescence-based assays for agonists, antagonists and modulators at the ETA receptor.

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HTS070C 2 Vials $18,779.00

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Accession Number
Host Cell Type
2 Vials of mycoplasma-free cells, 1 ml per vial
Cell vials are to be stored in the vapor phase of liquid N2.
  • [User Manual] ChemiSCREEN™ and ChemiBRITE™ Cell Lines

    The ChemiSCREEN and ChemiBRITE Cell Lines are designed to enable the measurement of intracellular calcium levels when a GPCR of interest has been activated by a ligand. These cell lines are suitable for studying small molecules as well as biologics. The assay protocol has been optimized for use in either a 384-well or 96-well format.

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    [User Manual] ChemiSCREEN™ and ChemiBRITE™ Cell Lines