PathHunter® Jurkat NFAT Pathway Reporter Cell Line

The PathHunter Signaling Pathway Reporter Assays are stable clonal cell lines that monitor the activation of specific signaling pathways, utilizing the established PathHunter Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) technology. Each stable cell line is engineered to express a synthetic DNA reporter construct, comprising a pathway-specific transcription factor response element that drives expression of ePL-tagged reporter protein. The activated signaling pathway induces expression of the ePL-tagged reporter protein, which is measured by addition of the detection reagent containing EA, resulting in complementation of the two enzyme fragments, and production of an active enzyme that hydrolyzes the substrate to generate a chemiluminescent signal.

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93-1141C19 2 vials $15,129.00

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Cell Background
Anti-CD3 antibody [OKT3]
  • [User Manual] PathHunter® Signaling Pathway Reporter Assay

    The PathHunter Signaling Pathway Reporter Assays are stable clonal cell lines used for monitoring the activation of various signaling pathways. Ligands (for example, CD40, IL-6 etc.) bind to distinct receptors and trigger specific signaling pathways. Transcription factors are then activated, followed by their nuclear translocation. Binding of these activated transcription factors to s...

    [User Manual] PathHunter® Signaling Pathway Reporter Assay

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93-0812 PathHunter® PL/PK Detection kit 4,000 dp (384-well) $4,779.00
92-3101G AssayComplete™ Cell Culture Kit-101 Kit $389.00
92-5105FR AssayComplete™ Freezing Reagent F5 2 x 50 mL $334.00
93-0563R0A AssayComplete™ Cell Plating 0 Reagent 100 mL $334.00
92-4106TR AssayComplete™ Thawing Reagent T6 100 mL $249.00
92-0029 AssayComplete™ Hygromycin B 20 mL $227.00
92-0023M AssayComplete™ Protein Dilution Buffer 2 x 50 mL $158.00
92-0009 AssayComplete™ Cell Detachment Reagent 50 mL $114.00