Calcium No WashPLUS

The Calcium No WashPLUS detection kit is intended for use with cells expressing receptors that signal through calcium. The kit contains a calcium-sensitive dye which assays intracellular calcium levels upon activation of a Gαq-coupled GPCR. Activation of the GPCR leads to release of intracellular calcium, and a detectable increase in fluorescent signal. This detection kit contains reagents for assaying 10 plates.

Catalog No. Size Price Quantity
90-0091 10 plates (384-well) $299.00
90-0091L 20 plates (384-well) $499.00
90-0091XL 100 plates (384-well) $1,519.00

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  • [User Manual] Calcium No WashPLUS Assay Kit

    The DiscoveRx Ca NWPLUS Assay Kit provides a fast, reliable method for detection of changes in intracellular calcium. Cells expressing a receptor of interest that signals through calcium are pre-loaded with a calcium-sensitive dye and then treated...

    [User Manual] Calcium No WashPLUS Assay Kit