PathHunter® eXpress HEK 293 RELA Nuclear Translocation Assay

PathHunter® Nuclear Translocation cells are engineered to co-express two proteins: a) Enzyme Donor (ED) tagged target protein; b) an Enzyme Acceptor (EA), which is localized to the nucleus. Depending on the assay, activation of the signaling pathway can either a) induce translocation of the ED-tagged target protein into the nucleus, which will force complementation of the two enzyme fragments, and result in the formation of a functional enzyme, that will hydrolyze substrate and generate a chemiluminescent signal; or b) induce the ED-tagged protein to vacate the nucleus, resulting in a decrease of functional enzyme and a subsequent decrease of chemiluminescent signal. Some nuclear translocation assays will also co-express an untagged secondary protein involved in the pathway of interest. These cells have been modified to prevent long term propagation and expansion using a proprietary compound that has no apparent effect on assay performance.

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93-0907E1CP0M 200 dp (2 x 96-well) $2,279.00
93-0907E1CP0L 1000 dp (10 x 96-well) $7,479.00

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v-rel reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog A (avian)
Transcription factor
Cell Background
HEK 293
Receptor Species
Accession Number
Assay Measures
Nuclear Translocation
Cells were plated in a 96-well plate and incubated at 37°C/5% CO2. Cells were then stimulated with a control compound, using the assay conditions described below. Following stimulation, signal was detected using the PathHunter Detection Reagents provided in the kit according to the recommended protocol. For a detailed protocol, please refer to the user manual.
See User Manual for Product Configuration Details
Short term (<24 h): Store at -80°C; Long term (>24 h): Store in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.
  • [User Manual] PathHunter® eXpress Nuclear Translocation Assays

    PathHunter® eXpress Nuclear Translocation assay kits provide a robust, highly sensitive and easy-to-use, cell-based functional assay for monitoring target protein translocation into the nucleus upon activation of the pathway. The eXpress kits contain everything needed for a complete experiment including cells, detection reagents, media and plat...

    [User Manual] PathHunter® eXpress Nuclear Translocation Assays